Electronics Recycling


Electronics are recyclable, but the disposal of all FSU property must be properly authorized by Property Services before it is recycled. Additional information on the proper disposal of FSU property, including electronics, is available in Property Services' Frequently Asked Questions.

Recycling "E-waste" not only reduces the need to use landfill space, but also keep harmful chemicals and components from impacting the environment. During the Fiscal Years of 2013-2016 FSU recycled 186.14 tons of “E” Waste. This allowed for the university to save $7,748.78 in landfill cost of savings.

We are implementing a university wide toner recycling for the upcoming Fiscal Year. The FSU Recycling center was instrumental in staging several pilot areas throughout the campus.  Since 2014, we have collected 6.78 tons of Toner Cartridges

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