Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up a recycling program for my department?

If your department does not already have a central location for recycling, you can submit a Work Order, or call the Facilities Service Center at 644-2424 to request weekly recycling collection. The recycling team will contact you to determine how we can service your needs, and if needed, set up a central location in your department for recycling. Typically, paper recycling bins are located near copy machines, and plastics, cans, and bottles bins are located in kitchen or break room areas.

How do I recycle batteries, ink cartridges or electronics?

See the Electronics Recycling page for details on how to recycle electronics on campus.

Is cardboard recycled on campus?

Yes! There are cardboard recycling dumpsters (with yellow lids) behind many buildings on campus. Cardboard can also be placed on your building’s loading dock area, and the recycling team will collect it. If you have a small box, or only a few cardboard items, they can be flattened and placed inside the department’s paper bin, or next to it. Unfortunately, FSU is unable to recycle cardboard that is contaminated with food waste or other organic matter (such as pizza boxes).

How can I find out which day my building’s recycling is picked up?

Indoor recycling at FSU is collected on a weekly schedule (Monday-Friday), and the building schedule is available here.

What can go in the plastics, cans, and bottles recycling bins?

More items than you may think are recyclable in these containers. Plastics #1-7, bottles, cans, and glass are all recyclable. This includes soda cans or bottles, aluminum cans, yogurt containers, etc. Please be sure to empty all liquid from the beverage containers, or wash out the items as much as possible. Plastic bags and Styrofoam are not currently accepted.

Are paper coffee cups recyclable?

Unfortunately, we are not able to recycle paper coffee cups on campus due to the wax lining inside the cup. However, to minimize waste, Seminole Dining sells a reusable cup for $5.00, which enables $0.99 coffee refills on campus.

How much does Florida State University recycle in a month/year?

Totals for FSU recycling streams can be accessed on the Campus Recycling Data page, which is updated monthly.

How is recycling in the residence halls collected?

Recycling bins in the residence halls are managed by University Housing, and then the materials are picked up outside by Solid Waste & Recycling. For more information and details for each building, visit University Housing's Sustainability page.




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